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The word on windows

The word 'window' is thought to be Middle English - from Old Norse vindauga, from vindr ‘wind’ + auga ‘eye’. Windeye sounded a bit weird though, so we just went with window!

While the word is a bit strange, the sentiment is spot on…As eyes are the windows to the soul; windows are the eyes to the house and as such they are hugely important and need to both suit the face of a house and be framed well.

Windows can absolutely make or break the appearance of a house…How many times have you seen what is quite a lovely house and gone, “hmmm, nasty windows though”? Loads, I bet. Because it’s so easy to get windows wrong and some very dodgy salesmen over the years have been very persuasive in doing a window makeover – sometimes taking in an entire street.

This month, we’ll be giving you the word on windows and everything they entail - types, treatments, trends and tips …

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