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Top tips to maximise space and light in your home

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

As architectural designers, we are lucky to see people’s home dreams turn into reality and we know that with modern day living, space and light are key. Even if you have limited space, there are a few tricks to help you deliver maximum light and room that you can consider when coming up with your renovation plans. Here are a few of them…


Increasing natural light

Allow for as much natural light as possible. Remember, light coming in from an angle, such as a Velux on a pitched roof, allows twice as muchlight in as an ordinary window. This can dramatically change the atmosphere and light in a room, such as a single storey kitchen, attic room, utility, garden room, studio /office or new loft conversion.

Flooring for flow

Feeling of space and good circulation is essential for modern day living. Consider taking the same floor finish throughout the entire level of your house and don't put thresholds in doorways – keep the visual flow.

Mood lighting

Low level lighting is good for differing atmospheres and great for lighting up dark corners. Allow for plenty of electrical sockets to accommodate this and consider LED strips under cabinets, cupboards, shelves and kitchen units. These are really low-cost but hugely effective and fun too!

Mirrors to give illusion of space

Strategically placed, large mirrors can add a huge amount of light to your home and give the illusion of extra space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with placing at eye level and low level too – propped on floor. Place adjacent to windows, behind desks and bedside tables and in dark corners to reflect light. (see blog post on mirrors)

Decluttering for calm

When renovating, refurbishing or re-designing your home, use the opportunity to re-organise and declutter to give extra space and a much calmer feel:

  • Take away unused furniture

  • Sort out your books and ornaments to those you actually want and re-group your favourite memorabilia into organisation, with the use of funky storage boxes and well-placed shelving

  • Use dead space (eaves, corners and alcoves) to build in storage areas

For lots more tips and advice, just give us a call and tell us about your renovation plans.

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