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Tips for improving your home space in lockdown!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

While we can’t do any major work or get out to the shops (though some home improvement and furniture shops are still delivering), we can make the space we're living in work much better with some clever adjustments, improving the layout of our rooms and increasing air and light. Here are Julie Bliss's top tips for improving your home space in lockdown.

1. Zone areas within an open plan space

Open plan living is great, but can lead to everything looking a bit lost. Try zoning using rugs on the floors, painting areas of wooden floor to create zones for dining, relaxing etc.

  • Create a series of rooms without walls in a large open-plan space

  • Put furniture in the middle of a space - don’t think that sofas etc have to have their backs to the wall etc: they don’t.

  • Use existing furniture to create divides – e.g. turn your sofa so that the back of it is facing the dining area or kitchen to create a clear division between the two areas.

  • Use screens or open shelving (like the big Ikea shelving units) or even tall plants.

2. Anchor your furniture

Seating areas should be anchored with a rug that sits at least under the front legs of your sofas and armchairs. It gives your furniture purpose and gives a clear sense of place and usage, creating a less chaotic and much calmer space to be in.

3. Look at flow and air space

Is there a purpose and a clear direction to your layout? Is there enough air and movement space around key pieces of furniture?

  • Establish a logical layout with good connection between spaces

  • Do not put furniture in front of doorways if possible – this blocks flow

  • You should try to have a metre around the outside of your furniture and half a metre between coffee tables and sofas where possible.

  • Try to minimise the need to change direction when walking around your home - you should be able to walk through from room to room or zone to zone (in an open plan space) without having to navigate an obstacle course.

4. Give the illusion of higher ceilings!

If you have access to white paint, paint your ceilings white and start your wall colour 5 cm down from the ceiling. If you’re not changing your wall colour, paint a 5cm strip of white around the room underneath the ceiling. This gives the illusion of a higher ceiling and a bigger, less claustrophobic room.

5. Make the most use of natural light

  • Look at the placement of mirrors to reflect light coming in from the windows: The best is to place them at 90º (on a perpendicular wall) to your windows to maximise reflection as light bounces off a mirror at the same angle it hits it.

  • Make sure windows are not obscured and give them a good clean!

  • Having a good declutter will also increase the light and space in your home

6. Increase oxygen levels

  • While the weather’s nice, keep the windows, vents or skylights open if possible.

  • Pot some plants from the garden and bring them inside.

  • Keep internal doors open when possible to maximise air flow.

Hoping this has given you some inspiration and tips to making your space work better for you in these strange times! After all, we know that the moment, while we are all at home together, we need all the room we can get!

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