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How to maximise space and light in small or dark spaces

As architectural designers, we are lucky to see people’s home dreams turn into reality and we know that with modern day living, space and light are key.

Even if you have really limited space, there are a few tricks to help you deliver maximum light and space that you can consider when coming up with your renovation plans. Here are a few of them…

Natural light

Allow for as much natural light as possible. Remember, light coming in from an angle, such as a Velux on a pitched roof, allows twice as much light in as an ordinary window. This can dramatically change the atmosphere and light in a room, such as a single storey extension, attic room or new loft conversion.

It's also a great way to introduce light to rooms that otherwise don't get much sunlight (due to direction they face, or other external structures blocking the light).

Interior windows

If your space is adjacent to another room, corridor or stairwell with natural light, consider an interior window or windows or glass panelled door(s) instead of solid partition wall to borrow light from the neighbouring space. If privacy is an issue, you can use privacy glass or film.


Feeling of space and good circulation is essential for modern day living. Consider taking the same floor finish throughout the entire level of your house and don't put thresholds in doorways – they break up the flooring and carve up space.

Mood lighting

Low level lighting is good for creating differing atmospheres. Allow for plenty of electrical sockets to accommodate this.

You can also create lighting via simple LEDs in and under cupboards and shelving structures, which give great soft lighting options. They can also change colour to suit your own mood!

Mirrors & reflective surfaces

Mirrors and glossy surfaces reflect light back into a room and can be really effective for rooms that struggle with natural light sources.

  • Place a mirror across from the window, angled so that the natural light will be reflected towards the darkest area of the room.

  • Consider using some mirrored surfaces or mirrored accents such as wardrobe doors or door panels.

  • Shiny surfaces such as appliances, glossy white cabinets or wardrobes will also make room feel brighter, as will metallic or mirrored accents on the shelves or tables positioned near windows.

Photo: Cirondo


Wherever possible, get rid of clunky freestanding wardrobes or freestanding units and go for built-ins. Keep them white or light or reflective. This immediately gives the sense of more space.


When designing, use the opportunity to re-organise and declutter your new look home:

  1. Take away unused furniture

  2. Sort out your books and ornaments to those you actually want and re-group your favourite memorabilia into organisation, with the use of funky storage boxes and well-placed shelving

  3. Use dead space (eaves, corners and alcoves) to build in storage areas

If you need help with a renovation, please give us a call or email Julie -

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