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Plan your next home improvement - virtually

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

In these difficult times we are all trying to find different ways to occupy ourselves. At the moment, with Spring looking like it might actually (finally) be here, tending to the garden is probably the first choice, but there is only so long we can seed and weed until backs, decent weather or resources come to an end! Deep cleaning the house from top to bottom is a good idea, as is looking for good ways to improve your home’s layout, light and air without the need to call in the builders. However, once you’ve done all this and taken a fresh look at your home, there are some improvements that will need more thought and potential future building work, such as opening up rooms, building extensions or making use of the attic.

While we can’t “do” at the moment, we can “plan” and this is an ideal opportunity to consult with a designer to get your thoughts and dreams on the path to reality. With modern technology as it is, you don’t even need to step out of the house. I can undertake online and virtual consultations and walk-throughs with you (using Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or whatever app you prefer). This is a great way to talk through your thoughts and ideas and I can (virtually) walk with you through your home, to get an idea of the space, and look at what’s possible, e.g. extension, renovation, reconfiguration or conversion.

Consultations are £56 per consultation (up to an hour), booked in advance and paid direct via my website (link to page here) and will be in the form of a consultation, with follow-up notes emailed upon request (for interiors projects) or a quote for new build works or planning (for extensions and building projects). After our consultation, should you then decide to appoint me for work, on-site attendance can be arranged for a future date. Happy planning!

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