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Internal Windows - how to transform your interior space

I love an interior window! They create interest, light and a focal point to a room, finding use for an often forgotten piece of wall or opening, while maintaining privacy and division between spaces. Interior windows are particularly good for ground floor remodels and rear or side extensions where the original window or door becomes redundant.



  • Brighten up a dark space that little or no natural light (e.g. hallways, small rooms, studies, bedrooms, windowless bathrooms or small kitchens)

  • Use of redundant former external window or door

  • Room divider of a large open space to create zones


  • For full length windows and dividers, make sure you use strengthened glass for safety purposes.

  • Use high level windows for light in spaces that require privacy - bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Use stained glass, opaque/frosted, one way glass or mirror film for privacy, while maintaining all the natural light.

  • Crittal windows as dividers are very fashionable right now, adding a bit of contemporary industrial flair and design to otherwise traditional homes.


  • You can pretty much choose any style to suit the style of your house - e.g. modern, traditional Victorian/Edwardian, industrial...

  • Or create a talking point by going for a complete contrast.

  • If you want the window purely for light purposes, go for the simplest, cleanest style possible.

  • For large, full length internal room dividers, use a panelled style, such as Crittal to stop you walking into the glass!

For inspiration or help recreating, remodelling or re-jigging your home space, or if you're looking to create an extension, contact me: or 07960 348661. I'm more than happy to conduct virtual consultations, meetings and site inspections via Skype or WhatsApp.


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