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How to use mirrors to increase space and light in your home

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

A well-positioned mirror is a great way to give rooms more light, brightness and the illusion of space. While most people have a fair idea of how to use mirrors, there are certain tricks you can employ to maximise their benefit. Here are my top tips for using mirrors to their best advantage in your home.

Size matters

Mirrors give the illusion of more space and visually increase the size of a room. The bigger the mirror, the bigger the reflection and the more light that will enter the room. Go big!

Eye level

For optimum benefit and, depending on the limitations of you room, hang the mirror so the centre horizontal line is around eye level.

Hang low

Don’t be afraid to hang mirrors quite low. This actually works better for reflective values and gives a contemporary look. NB: I have the same rule with pictures/framed art work. Hang them at eye-level, don’t be afraid to go low - far funkier!

Convenient vanity

Fit a plain mirror onto a bathroom cabinet door and even on the inside of the door too. This will save you having to shut the door to apply the makeup kept in there!

Unexpected places

Try fitting a mirror in places you wouldn’t expect, such as behind the bedside table, pot plants, behind a sofa, in a corner or behind bookshelves - places where perhaps there isn’t a lot of wall space, but that need a bit more light.


Consider a mirrored splashback for your kitchen or bathroom…This can look amazing and while it can be a little confronting at first if you’re not used to it, a mirrored splashback can really increase the illusion of space.

A grand entrance/exit

Put a mirror in your entrance hall next to a front door, especially if the entrance space is tight. This will not only give you the opportunity to check yourself as you exit the house, but it also makes smaller hallways appear larger.

Window style

Choose a mirror that has the same look / frame style as existing windows in your room and create the illusion of another window. Place it on the wall to the side of your window and give the illusion of dual aspect!

No frills

You don’t have to blow the budget… you can get perfectly great mirrors of all sizes and shapes from less expensive stores such as IKEA. Otherwise, your local picture framers should be able to supply any size and frame of your choice. However, if budget allows, go for a bevelled edge mirror (this is where there’s a slight angle to the edges) to add that extra touch of class.


Always remember safety and get these supplied and fitted by professionals. It’s very easy to break a mirror.

The science

Positioning is key due to the way mirrors reflect light. The reflection, therefore the light, bounces off a mirror at the same angle it hits it. So, if fitted opposite a window, light reflects back into the room with a 30-degree splay, whereas a mirror positioned next to a window reflects light further into the room, brightening up those dull, dark areas needing a lift.

Have a play, move mirrors around your room at different times of the day and see where they work the best. Above all, have fun!

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