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Make your home work for you in 2022

2021 taught us that things are not going to change overnight. We will not being going back to the way we were...probably ever. So with that in mind, and given we'll all be largely home-based for the foreseeable, it's time to focus on how we live in our space and finally make it work. Your #homegoals for 2022: "Make your home work for you".

How to review your space and how you use it

As shown on some of the TV property and design shows, it's important to work out you how you use and interact in your current space. You can do this yourself - with or without the hidden cameras!

  • Do you LIKE your home? What do you like, and dislike about it?

  • Which rooms are you in ALL the time?

  • Which rooms or areas of the house never get used?

  • Do you connect as a family or couple in your home or are you often in separate spaces (outside of work time?)

  • Do family members have enough individual space for work or down time?

  • Does your home FLOW? Or is it awkward and disjointed? Can you relax in it?

  • What do you NEED your home to provide (practical/functionality) and

  • What would you LOVE in your home - ask all members of the household. The kids are bound to have some great ideas on their wishlist and some, while a little out there, could be fun and really add to the enjoyment of your space.

Once you have all that information, you can start to look at how you can make your home work better for you.

Don't be afraid to re-think your rooms in terms of function or layout.

That formal dining room that literally gets used once a year... re-purpose it. USE it for something else. Maybe the kids need a play room to free up your living space? Or you desperately need an office. Maybe the dining room would work better as your TV snug or sitting room than the one you currently have?

The living room that just feels awkward - try different layouts… What if you put your sofa facing the other way or against a different wall or in the middle of the room…? Would it work better? It’s fun to have a play with layouts and you can often hit upon a solution that makes a real difference.

The landing or understairs area that's just a dumping ground, but could be a great little work space or much needed built-in storage...

The “utility room” that is anything but… reconfigure it, build in storage. Factor in your fur family and give them some storage too!

That lovely window with a fabulous view that you just walk past ever day - build a seating spot.

The loft space that literally just holds junk - look at converting it - you can do a lot of clever stuff with a loft room without spending a fortune.

The garden shed that is just a home for spiders - convert it into useable or enjoyable space - a playroom, bar, outdoor kitchen, office... Again, it doesn't have to cost a fortune, but if you have always wanted a sauna, well, what are you waiting for?!

There are always lots of areas of our home that are either awkward, annoying or just under-used. If you really can't think of a specific use, put in some storage!

As with house-hunting and the inability to see past other people's decor or clutter, not everyone has the ability to see past their own home's faults.

If you're ready to make a positive change in 2022, Julie will be happy to pop round, assess your space and give you some great ideas about how you could make your home work better!

What are you waiting for? Give Julie a call or email


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