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Declutter your life and embrace the future with Japandi style

Updated: May 18, 2021

If, like me, you love the minimal cleanliness, tidy interiors and no frills of Japanese design, but also like the warmth of the Scandi hygge vibe, then you’ll love Japandi. Say What? Japan + Scandi = Japandi.


As we come out of lockdown and try to look forward to a positive new start, it's time to declutter and deburden, be at one with nature and embrace the future, and this style is just what we need to move forward and banish all negative energy for good.

So what's it all about? Japandi is a blend of two minimalist cultures and styles. It exudes positive calm, serenity and lightness of being. It’s your life, uncluttered and ready to embrace the future.

The principles:

  1. Warm neutral colours - pick warm whites as a base and add in natural neutral tones such as beiges, greys and greens. Add in tiny splashes of blues, earthy yellows and dusty pinks.

  2. Soft lighting for calmness and serenity - no harsh lighting please. Use table lamps, standard lamps and uplighting. Banish harsh downlights! Cane, rattan and bamboo shades are great.

  3. Minimal decoration and low profile furniture for a feeling of unburdened lightness of being, grounded to nature.

  4. Blended organic, natural materials - including light and dark woods, bamboo and rattan with granite, marble, ceramics and other natural stone.

  5. Maximum natural light for wellness and positivity. Big windows, skylights and mirrors to bounce light into the room.

  6. Free-flowing interiors for spaciousness and an open mind

  7. Merge indoor and outdoor to bring nature into the home. Bring in the oxygen generating plants.

How to get started...? Have a good clear out; clean, declutter and recycle. Then start afresh, lighter and freer!

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