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Tips to warm up your home

If you’ve been finding it rather chilly in your house over this rather cold snap we’re having, here are some tips (because let’s face it, we won’t have seen the end of Winter even after the current snow disappears) to help warm up your home for cold spells...



Tiles are cold… either get some slippers, add a rug or think about different flooring! Have a think about Teak or Cork - they're both great for insulation, warmth and very eco-friendly (see our blog post).

If you don’t want to shell out on underfloor heating, and you’re considering changing your flooring, why not install heat mats? These are brilliant heating solutions and run on a timer, so you can just switch them on as required to warm your tootsies! They're simply installed underneath your floor. Perfect for those super freezing days when you need a boost. (Photo: Erko heating by Ronite)


Light up the outside. If you've got patio doors or windows without curtains or blinds, install wall or eaves lighting directly outside. It helps visually, as instead of a black space you've a view of outside whilst being cosy inside.

Lighting for cosiness. If you want that warm and cosy feeling, light up rooms with low level lighting - lamps rather than overhead lighting give a much warmer feeling.

Soft furnishings

Wrap up and get cosy - keep colour coordinated blankets to hand to wrap yourselves in; add a sheepskin or two to sofas and armchairs - they're are brilliant and very stylish.

Invest in some rugs if you have bare floors. Synthetic or real (sustainable as a by product of the meat industry), these will help give more of a warm feeling - especially if you have stone, tile or draughty wooden floorboards. (Photo: Bey Tree - local business selling sheepskins and cow hides)

Keep out the cold

Draught Check out where the cold drafts are coming from, if they can't be immediately sorted, make a note and get a the relevant tradesperson or handyman to sort them out when you next have them round. It's so easy to forget these areas when it's not a problem, but so miserable when it is...

Heating ideas

Log burners are a great way to add a cosy focal point to your room. Either make use of a redundant fireplace, get rid of that old gas or electric bar heater, or have one freestanding. They're easy to install with close access to an outside wall or chimney. Always use a professional. (Photo: Riva F40 - Try The English Chimneypiece in Sevenoaks)

If your bathroom is cold, think about installing a heated towel rail fitted. These are lovely to give your bathroom a boost in the cold mornings and a lovely warm towel makes a difference! Heated towel rails don't have to be on the heating system. They can be electric and controlled by a timer switch, so you don't have to worry about running up extortionate bills. They're also very useful for drying clothes - but always follow manufacturers guidelines for usage.

Get your boiler checked and serviced annually. You would if you were renting, so do the same when you’re owning. It can make a huge difference to efficiency and bills!

Stuck for radiator space or want to update with something a bit different/more modern? You don't have to do the whole house, you can just replace one or two tired and noisy radiators with more stylish contemporary ones. For limited wall space you can also get very funky tall ones that are both a great design feature but also address space issues…

(Photo: Best Heating)

Keep warm everyone!

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