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The Limpsfield Blog interview

Julie was interviewed recently for the Limpsfield Blog, providing an insight into what she does for all her clients around Limpsfield. Here's a little snippet...

LB: What is the main work you carry out for clients?

JB: I work on anything to do with a home; be it new builds, renovations and extensions, to selecting colour schemes. I have one client who has moved several times and I've helped her each time with everything from schemes and renovation to dressing shelves and hanging pictures.

I guess my bread and butter would be working with clients on their renovations and extensions; creating the concept, drawing and submitting planning applications to council.

I also do quite a lot of draughting up and submitting applications that clients have basically come up with themselves, but need help fine-tuning them and getting their thoughts onto paper.

It's very important that I listen closely and carefully to correctly interpret what my clients are asking for.

This was taken from an interview by Sophie Martin for the Limpsfield Blog. Read the full interview, here:

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